The Electrowind Advantage


Are you tired of dealing with a multi-national supplier and just being another account for them to peddle their wares to?

Electrowind is independent and family-owned/operated since 1983. We were founded on going above and beyond to serve our customers. To this day, we relish every opportunity to help and to ensure that your interaction with us leaves you satisfied; whether we make a sale or not. From major corporations like GE and Siemens to a small, one-man motor repair shop; we treat each and every customer the same.


You are tasked with building and repairing equipment that is expected to power cities, transit, electrical and electronic devices for decades. You need a supplier partner like Electrowind that understands your application and the materials you use and will offer and recommend the right material for the job.

Electrowind’s staff is up to the task. We are the most knowledgeable, highly trained and experienced technical staff in the industry. We work with our manufacturing partners to find you the best, most cost-effective, and accurately-specified materials for your job.


So you called your normal supplier looking for a common material and they don’t have any in stock. Sound familiar?

At Electrowind, we work with our various world-class suppliers and our customer-base to stock thousands of the most common magnet/winding wire and electrical insulation materials that our customers use on a daily basis. You can rest easy knowing that Electrowind can rush you the materials you need, should you get a rush breakdown repair job or win a new project with a short turnaround time. Few competitors stock the quality, volume and variety of products that Electrowind stocks for our industry.


FREE is a word seldom heard in the industry these days. As a service-focused supplier partner, our service doesn’t stop at taking orders and there are lots of additional services we offer to you.

Electrowind offers free services that our customers have come to know and love over the years including: varnish testing which ensures that our staff keeps records and schedules regular testing of your varnish to ensure it remains balanced and effective; free delivery on most products to customers in the GTA and most of southern Ontario or long-standing preferred rates for freight and couriers to decrease your freight costs; consignment options on select products and accounts allowing you to keep stock in your warehouse without having to buy the inventory until you use the inventory; sourcing expertise to help you find specialty products you can’t on your own; inventory management solutions to ensure you get the products you need when you need them; design and prototyping support on custom parts to help you create the part you need for your application; packaging, assembly, kitting and various other finishing services.


A new project comes up and you need a specialty material but have no idea where to even start to look.

Let us know the details and we will use our vast supplier network, years of application and product-based technical expertise, and sourcing acumen to help find the right product to meet your spec. Our staff works hard to source the products you need with minimal no-quotes.


Does your supplier really understand your application. When is the last time your supplier visited your shop to see your processes and review the materials you use? Are you always talking to a different person when you make an inquiry about your account?

Electrowind offers a team of dedicated inside and outside sales staff that manage your account and provide service and support to you on a daily basis. This allows you to have multiple contacts that understand your application, buying patters and requirements and can assist you on a daily basis.

Our outside account managers - something that is increasingly rare in the industry – dedicate their time to visiting your shop to see and understand your application as well as make regular sales calls to evaluate and ensure that you are satisfied every step of the way with Electrowind.


Let’s be honest, STUFF happens. You mistakenly buy the wrong material, are shipped damaged material or a host of other bad stuff happens. Edward A. Murphy said it best, “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.”

This is where Electrowind truly becomes a partner in your success. We pride ourselves on bending over backwards to help our customer and will use the various means at our disposal to get you out of a jam. We are ISO 9001:2015 compliant for quality management and utilize strict control over product quality while partnering with the best manufacturers in the industry to limit product quality issues.

We also offer an easy return/replacement policy and our quality department will handle your claim from start to finish in a timely and hassle-free manner.


You need a custom gasket made from a specific insulating material…or you need an insulating block machined and then laminated to a mounting block…or you need winding combs, 1” wide tape, core insulation, and spacer sticks assembled into a kit for your production line. Electrowind Converting Solutions can help.

Our in-house contract converting division offers a vast array of precision, cost-effective converting capabilities to produce the customized parts you require for almost any application. Plus, we stock a variety of the insulating, conductive, decorative and protective materials you need - saving you time and money on your fabricated parts. Fast turnaround, low minimums and design and prototype support are just a few of the things Electrowind Converting Solutions prides our company on.