Custom Slitting

Electrowind Converting Solutions delivers precision custom slitting and rewinding of a wide variety of flexible (thin, flat) insulating, bonding, protective, and conductive materials for industry.

Capabilities Overview: Custom Slitting

Our cost-effective custom slitting and rewinding solutions are available for a range of materials, including paper, film, fabric, multi-ply laminates, vinyl, rubber, metal foils, mica, adhesive tapes, polyethylene, polypropylene, pressboard and countless specialty flexible materials.

Electrowind Converting Solutions:

  • offers shear slitting, single knife slitting, razor slitting and score slitting technologies
  • slits to required roll width or roll length (or both)
  • can slit master logs up to 80” wide and 30” diameter
  • provides narrow-width slitting to roll widths as narrow as .031” (1/32”) wide (material dependent)
  • operates with a standard precision tolerance is +/-.0015”
    • higher tolerance slitting available on request
  • offers custom slitting services for Electrowind-supplied materials, materials we source for you, and materials you supply to us
  • offers fast turnaround, low minimums and design/prototype support

Electrowind Converting Solutions is:

  • an ISO 9001:2015 certified company
  • a 3M Preferred Converter
  • a trusted converter for a wide variety of world-class manufacturers and supplier partners

We specialize in film, laminate and paper converting for device and equipment manufacturing, and offer contract converting for a wide variety of industries. Our cost-effective slitting and rewinding services are combined with our dedication to customer service to offer you the best custom converting package available on the market today.

Contact Electrowind Converting Solutions at 800.265.8340 to discuss your custom requirement or Request a Quote.


  • Slitting electrical multi-ply laminate papers for motor and transformer insulation, including
    • DM,
    • DMD (Dacron®-Mylar®-Dacron®)
    • NM
    • NMN (Nomex®-Mylar®-Nomex®)
    • TFT (TufQUIN®-Mylar®-TufQUIN®)
    • NK
    • NKN (Nomex®-Kapton®-Nomex®)
    • Insulating papers including Nomex® aramid paper and CeQUIN®
  • Slitting challenging, thin films including:
    • Kapton® polyimide film
    • Mylar® polyester film
    • Teflon™ or skived virgin Teflon® PTFE film
    • Tedlar® PVF film
    • other specialty films for various industries
  • Slitting, to required width, other films, foils, vinyls, rubbers and specialty flexible materials for industrial applications
  • Narrow-width slitting of various materials with a minimum width of .031” (1/32”) wide
  • Slitting (to required width) pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, including electrical, insulating, masking, double-sided, transfer, bonding, shielding, packaging and finishing tape