Forming & Bending

Forming & Bending

Electrowind Converting Solutions offers forming and bending of materials as a cost-effective and fast alternative to injection moulding your insulating, bonding, protective and conductive components.

We offer creasing and scoring of flexible insulator materials and specialty materials to create 3-dimensional parts out of flat/thin materials for your application. We also offer a heat forming and cold forming process on hard/rigid materials to form and bend your components to your exacting specification.

  • Commonly form and bend mica, Nomex®, pressboard, insulating papers, laminates, composites and plastics
  • Cost-effective and fast alternative to injection moulding
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified company
  • Complimentary converting services including custom slitting, die cutting and stamping, tape slitting, CNC and waterjet machining, sawing, milling, turning, laminating and more
  • Fast turnaround, low minimums and design/prototype support
  • 3M Preferred Converter and trusted converter for a wide variety of world-class manufacturers and supplier partners
  • Contract Forming and Bending services available on Electrowind supplied materials, materials we source for you, and materials you supply to us

Our cost-effective forming and bending services are combined with our dedication to customer-service to offer you the best converting package available. We love a challenge so contact us about your requirement and we will work hard to offer a solution.

Contact Electrowind Converting Solutions at 800.265.8340 to discuss your custom requirement or Request a Quote.


  • Mica and Nomex® boxes
  • Custom guarding for equipment and electronic devices
  • Structural supports for equipment and devices
  • Insulating materials for contoured surfaces