Custom Converting Solutions


Electrowind Converting Solutions offers in-house converting/fabrication of rigid and flexible materials including plastics, glass, ceramics, metals, woods, granite, paper, plastic, rubber, foam, fabric and more. Our team of experts can machine or fabricate the custom parts you need for your application in a precise, timely and cost-effective manner.


Electrowind Converting Solutions was born out of a request from our customers who wanted us to translate our industry-leading service and support into a converting shop that could create the custom parts they needed for their business. Our core customer base of electric motor, electrical equipment and transformer rebuilders and manufacturers were unhappy with where they were getting their custom parts and needed a partner they could trust.

Today, our converting division continues to grow with new capabilities added almost monthly. Waterjet and CNC machining; flexible and adhesive tape slitting; sheeting, cobbing and laminating; die cutting, stamping and punch pressing; sawing, milling & turning; are just a some of the capabilities we offer in-house.

We custom fabricate insulating and protective parts for our core markets that include pole collars, slot liners, filler strips, coil turn insulation, gaskets, heat shields, arc chutes, shielding tape, coil/connection tape, wear plates, winding combs, winding tape, core tubes, phase barriers and an unlimited variety of custom parts.

We already stock and supply the raw materials you need to custom fabricate the parts you require for your application and offer very competitive pricing on everything you use; we understand your application with decades of experience in your industry so can evaluate and recommend the best and most cost-effective materials and converting capabilities for your application; we offer industry-leading service and support to ensure your parts are finished on time and on budget; and we provide design and prototype support while having the capabilities to handle small and large production orders of custom parts. What more could you ask for?


Outside of our core markets, our machining and converting capabilities are available to all. Whether you provide the material, ask us to source the material or use one of our thousands of in-stock materials to produce your custom parts; we have the capabilities and expertise to turn many designs into reality.

Over the years, we have handled many contract converting orders including:

  • Cutting pieces of multi-coloured glass for a large stained-glass window
  • Machining granite for a custom countertop
  • Machining and bending iron for a large order of wire racks
  • Slitting and bending Nomex paper for a large art installation
  • Cutting wood for a custom outdoor decor
  • Machining decorative or industrial signs for businesses
  • Slit-to-width electrical and hockey tape

Contact Electrowind Converting Solutions at 800.265.8340 if you need the expertise and capabilities to create custom parts for your business or personal use. Visit Electrowind Converting Solutions website at for an in-depth look at our capabilities.

Our Custom Converting Solutions