Rea NanoMax: The Future of Inverter-Grade Magnet Wire

March 29, 2018  |  Product Spotlight

At the 2017 EASA International Trade Show in Tampa, Rea surveyed over 375 motor repair shops to find out what characteristics they would want in the next generation of inverter duty magnet wire. With feedback from customers already using their products in the field, Rea NanoMax was born!

Customers wanted better performance including mechanical insertion force, corona resistance, damage resistance, thermal class and varnish compatibility. With extensive benchmark testing and combining the best available manufacturing techniques and enamel materials, Rea has developed the premium best-in-class, inverter-grade magnet wire available on the market.

So what are the benefits of Rea NanoMax?

-2X corona resistance of the next-best inverter-grade wire available on the market, as measured by voltage endurance testing to support the most rugged applications.

-2X softer wire as measured by low-stress elongation to help in the winding process.

-Best-in-class scrape resistance as measured by repeated scrape testing for the most severe winding conditions.

-The ONLY Thermal Class 220°C rated and NEMA 37-C rated inverter-grade wire available on the market.

So what does this mean for you and your shop? A softer, more rugged, and more versatile wire that is easier and faster to insert and wind making your production more efficient and saving you money! A higher rated and tougher wire that can improve the lifespan of your motors and transformers. It also means you have a competitive edge when using Rea NanoMax, offering the most technologically advanced and innovative inverter grade magnet wire available in the market.

For the best, most innovative wire available for inverter-duty motors, high-frequency transformers and high voltage motors; choose Rea NanoMax and in doing so, choose to lead your industry into the future!

Rea NanoMax is currently available in 14-19 AWG sizes and only available on taper pack pails (85-90 lb average).

Electrowind supplies Rea NanoMax to Canada, the United States and globally. Request your sample and quote today by calling .800.265.8340 or SHOP NOW on our site.

Author: Adam Tedesco

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