FOR SALE: NEW Baker DX 12 RLC with Partial Discharge

January 15, 2019  |  Product Spotlight

SOLD 03/2019! We have (1) brand new Megger Baker DX 12 RLC adding Partial Discharge Static Electric Motor Analyzer for sale on a first-come, first-serve basis currently. Megger part number 99-DX12-ZDS3PDRC.

Electric motors will fail, sooner or later. Nearly half of all industrial motor failures result from internal electrical shorts caused by degraded insulation. In order to maximize a motor’s uptime and service life, the condition of its winding and groundwall insulation must be tested regularly.

The Baker DX Static Motor Analyzer provides the industry’s most comprehensive set of tests to analyze a motor’s entire insulation system. Portable, powerful, and configurable to meet the specific needs of motor shops, industrial maintenance teams and motor OEMs, the Baker DX series offers the best value in motor test equipment available today. These analyzers deliver superior test capabilities in an easy-to-use instrument.

Our sale unit includes the following capabilities:

-Full RLC Capabilities (Resistance, Inductance, Capacitance, Phase Angle and D/Q testing

-All DC Tests (IR, PI, DA, Step Voltage, DC Hipot


-Partial Discharge Testing

-Three Lead High Voltage Test Leads

-1 full year of warranty and recommended calibration not due until 12/2019




Author: Adam Tedesco

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