Electrowind branches out with Foundry Brothers!

April 26, 2019  |  Around the Industry

The three Tedesco brothers (Pete, Rob and Adam) who manage Electrowind have used our manufacturing expertise and business background to form a new business called Foundry Brothers.

Foundry Brothers specializes in custom, handcrafted metal art for your home, office and cottage. We take the same techniques we use to build custom electrical parts for industrial and power applications at Electrowind; and use those techniques to cut intricate and stunning home decor from steel. 

Once those designs are cut, the handcrafting process involves polishing, painting and finishing each uniquely crafted piece so it is ready to hang on your wall or put on your mantle.

Foundry Brothers will offer the same high level of service that Electrowind has offered for decades. We are always customer-focused and have built Foundry Brothers to the same level that our customers expect and get from Electrowind everyday.

We offer a wide variety of exclusive and beautiful designs that are available to purchase in Canada and the USA. We also offer an industry-leading variety of standard colors on each of our pieces. Many of these colors mimic the types of high-end finishes and colors you would expect in your home decor, but at a price that is more reasonable that you would find in larger home decor retailers.

Every piece we product is handcrafted, unique and something that you will be proud to display. We also offer custom metal art and will work with you to design and produce custom art like team or company logos, monograms, or something special as a gift for family or friends.

We have a lot of fun with Foundry Brothers and we hope you will too. Check out our new website at www.foundrybrothers.com to shop our collections, learn more about our new business venture and join our community.

Disclaimer: Although Foundry Brothers shares some resources with Electrowind, Foundry Brothers is a separate entity from Electrowind. All inquiries regarding Foundry Brothers should ONLY be directed to Foundry Brothers website.

Author: Adam Tedesco

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