Elantas ELAN-Plus MR-7402 Masking Compound: A versatile masking grease for your shop!

May 17, 2018  |  Product Spotlight

Elantas has developed an all-new masking compound (masking grease) for use in electric motors, transformers and industrial applications. ELAN-Plus MR 7402 Masking Compound is used primarily as a masking agent to protect surfaces that are not inteded to be coated during a painting or varnishing operation.

This product is versatile in use as it can be applied by brush, spatula or a gloved hand and requires no heat to cure. This means that treated units can be coated or impregnated immediately, speeding up your production.

ELAN-Plus MR 7402 has many benefits. It is compatible with 100% epoxy, unsaturated polyester, solvent-borne and water-borne impregnating resins. It is suitable for typicaly impregnating resin cure temperatures up to 400 degrees farenheit. It is thixotropic for minimal flow and the film does not affect cure of the paint or varnish. It is also a solvent-free formulation.

ELAN-Plus 7402 is available in 1 GALLON (7lb) package and 5 GALLON (35lb) package from Electrowind and it an excellent replacment for Famous masking compound (masking grease).

Contact Electrowind at 519.836.2280 for more information or place your order today on our website by clicking HERE.

Author: Adam Tedesco

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