The NEW Flexible Insulation for Motors, Motor Repair and Transformers: ELAN-Film HT-180®

October 26, 2017  |  Product Spotlight

Elantas has introduced their new line of advanced flexible electrical insulation with ELAN-Film HT-180®. This innovative product operates at temperature ranges up to 200°C, ensuring that electrical machines have a long and reliable service life.

ELAN-Film HT-180® is designed specifically for low-voltage motors and generators to protect insulated copper from the steel core (slot liners) and where phase-to-phase insulation is required. This product is fully compatible with a wide range of impregnating and potting resins, allowing it to be an easy replacement for your existing preferred insulation choice.

This advanced product is designed to be used in slot liners, wedges and phase applications in electric motors and in layer insulation for transformers. It's features include:

-superior electrical properties

-low moisture absortion

-Class H UL rating

-excellent adhesion to impregnating resins

-excellent chemical/refrigerant resistance

-suitable for slitting, forming and cutting

ELAN-Film HT-180® can be easily preformed and is an excellent material to use as slot closures or in areas where formed insulation is essential.

ELAN-Film HT-180® is available in thicknesses from 3mil-26mil and in standard rolls of 54" wide x 500 yards. Request your sample today from Electrowind and find out why manufacturers are making the switch to ELAN-Film HT-180® insulation.

Author: Peter Tedesco

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