Case Study: Lexan Machined & Formed Separation Plate

March 10, 2017  |  Problem Solved  |  Adam Tedesco

A customer of ours working with a client in the medical industry, brought a new problem for us to solve recently using our rigid material fabricating/converting expertise.

Get Your Production And Assembly Tape Cheaper!

September 13, 2016  |  Problem Solved  |  Adam Tedesco

Are you still buying your electrical, industrial, packaging or assembly tape from a big box distributor? If you are, you’re paying too much!

Case Study: Waterjet Cutting, Routing and Drilling GPO-3

May 25, 2016  |  Problem Solved  |  Adam Tedesco

A customer recently came to us with a problem. They had 900 kits of complex GPO-3 parts that they needed machined in a matter of weeks in order to meet their assembly deadline. They put Electrowind Converting Solutions to the task in order to complete this project and we delivered!

Why Waterjet Is Right for Your Custom Parts

January 26, 2016  |  Problem Solved  |  Adam Tedesco

Do you waterjet yet? Waterjet technology is a cost-effective method of cutting custom parts and shapes out of almost any flat material including plastic, rubber, phenolic, ceramic, aluminum and granite. The benefits of having your custom parts machined via waterjet …

Top 7 Reasons Why Working with a Supplier and Converting Partner is Good for Your Business

October 29, 2015  |  Problem Solved  |  Adam Tedesco

As a manufacturer – sourcing, specifying and purchasing materials can be a difficult and time-consuming process that is complicated further by the pressure to get your motors, transformers, equipment and other finished products shipped on time. Working with a professional …

Staying Competitive Means Choosing the Right Materials

September 30, 2015  |  Problem Solved  |  Adam Tedesco

When manufacturing motors, transformers and equipment; how do you remain competitive in an industry that continues to grow at a rapid pace on a global scale? The answer is to manufacture as efficiently and effectively as possible by ensuring you …

Looking Forward to the Toronto EASA 2016 Convention

July 2, 2015  |  Problem Solved  |  Adam Tedesco

After a record breaking 2015 EASA Convention in San Antonio in June, we now can start to look forward to the 2016 EASA Convention that is being held in Electrowind’s backyard of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The Magnet Wire Service Advantage

February 10, 2015  |  Problem Solved  |  Adam Tedesco

We recently ran into a customer that required a specialty wire for an aerospace application. Our Electrowind team worked tirelessly with this customer to understand their requirements and find the right product and magnet wire manufacturer to meet their needs. …

Strategic Partnership for Smelting Application

October 9, 2014  |  Problem Solved  |  Adam Tedesco

Recently, Electrowind was contacted by a large firm that specializes in the manufacture and installation of welded projects for mining, pulp and paper, hydropower, and other industries. The company is involved in the Kitimat Modernization Project in British Columbia which …